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Open Source Sun Protection

2015.07.22 // Presentación Pública

UV rays cannot be perceived by the human eye, however, exposure to these type of radiation can be harmful to our health. Particularly in summer our skin is more exposed to this radiation and our body does not have natural sensors to warn us in case of excessive radiation. Usually, when we become aware of it, it is already too late and our skin is already damaged by the sun.

Open Source Sun Protection was an event in August 2005 at Gijón during our residence Next Things 2015 at LABoral Centro de Arte y Creación Industrial.

The main focus of this even was give visibility to UV radiation by means of a smart dress or wearable that measures the level of UV radiation we are exposed to.

If you want to make our wearable to measure UV, please you can read our post: DIY Open Source Sun Protection.


< Laser cutting at textile laboratory. University of Vigo
Winning project of Next Things 2015 – Conducta. LABoral & Telefonica I+D >


Our work as art group brings together a collection of works and projects in which we study the interrelations and intersections that occur between machines and the human being.

We approach these issues in different kind of pieces: Interactive installations, sound interventions, multimedia pieces, etc. However, the support is not more than one channel that canalize the project itself.

A transversal and interdisciplinary research where the machine, far from a cold body, acts as an integrating factor, multiplying human capacities for equal us to other living beings or mechanical things already equipped with them.

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