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The Posthuman's Trial and Error, 2018

Throughout the history of art, sculpture has become a tool for representing the body. Pursuing with her the ideal of beauty; ideal and harmonic bodies in which perfection was sought through proportions. However, the canons that established these perfect bodies have not remained immobile. At the end of the 1990s, in the midst of the cyborg era, the concept of posthuman began to become popular to refer to a new human who emerged through a culture of new technologies, plastic surgery and genetic modifications, advocating a natural world modified.

On the other hand, today's accessibility to digital manufacturing tools such as 3D scanners and printers, laser cutters, etc., are changing the classic way of creation and redefining sculpture.

The Posthuman Trial and Error reflects on the paradigm of sculpture in the digital fabrication age, at the same time that it inquires about the possible bodies of the future, modified by biotechnology. For this we have created a 3D printer capable of printing our sculptures on a human scale.


Winning project of Anton Grant to sculpture creation and researching. Anton Museum. Candás, Asturias. Spain. 2016

Exhibited at:
Ensayo y Error del Posthumano. Museo Antón. Candás, Aturias. Spain. 2017-2018
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Our work as art group brings together a collection of works and projects in which we study the interrelations and intersections that occur between machines and the human being.

We approach these issues in different kind of pieces: Interactive installations, sound interventions, multimedia pieces, etc. However, the support is not more than one channel that canalize the project itself.

A transversal and interdisciplinary research where the machine, far from a cold body, acts as an integrating factor, multiplying human capacities for equal us to other living beings or mechanical things already equipped with them.

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